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Azriel Icons

Serving Up Icony Goodness Since 2004 (Sadly)

Andrea Christoph
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You stumbled here by accident, didn't you? Well, you're stuck now. HAH!

This is my icon journal, me being voyevoda. I make icons for a bunch of different things (Resident Evil, Final Fantasy, Lost, Metal Gear Solid, ect ad infinitum), so chances are you may find something you like. I'm not all that good as of yet, but I am learning, so...go me!

Thanks for stopping by. Like nillaith, I excercise the open-door policy, but there are some rules.

(x)Comment and credit. You will face rusty spoons to the heart if you do not. >=D
(x)Textless are not bases. Ask first if you are wanting to modify them.
(x)pls be intllgent and tipe with gramer and speling, and not liek dis, yo. 1337 sp43k, however, is welcome when used on occasion (I use 1337 sp34k myself, so it's only fair).
(x)No stealing. Pretty self-explanatory.
(x)No direct linking. Only putz's direct link. You don't want to be a putz, do you?
(x)No friending by ME. Don't think I'm a bitch, but due to my many icontests I can't friend you all back, lest my friends page clutter itself and spontaneously combust. If you want to friend the journal, go ahead! And if you want to friend my personal journal, just leave a comment over there and I'll most likely add you lickety split, liek woah.

That's it. Now kick off your shoes, sit back, and have a look around. :)

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This is a new section of my userinfo, dedicated to linking back to webcomics I may make icons of (and, thusly, adore religiously). If your comic is being made icons of, and you don't want me to make the icons (that made alot of grammatical sense), then let me know and I'll stop. ^.^